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Racial & Social Justice in Mindfulness Community

George Floyd’s murder by Minneapolis police spawned an awakening and call to action for many of us; Awakening to the naked truth of injustices and violence related to racism, injustice and privilege in our society, and the necessity to take action toward real change in deeply-embedded beliefs and systems.
In response to expressions of immense care in our community, and as part of my own commitment to make a positive difference, I invited our Mindfulness community to gather on Zoom on Saturday June 13 at 12 noon to reflect, connect, share and get inspired. 
45 people expressed interest and 27 attended. After a guided meditative reflection, a dozen people shared passionately from various perspectives on the path of awareness. The hour passed quickly, and although we may have just scratched the surface, it was heartening to see people show up, be present, and give voice to what is true.
Here are Racial & Social Justice Resources our community shared during and after the meeting.
DATE CHANGE: Join me on Saturday, July 11, July 18, 11AM to discuss the book Me and White Supremacy, by Layla Saad. Register Here (free)
“If we are all committed to doing the work that is ours to do, we have a chance of creating a world and a way of living that are closer to what we all desire for ourselves and one another.” ~ Layla Saad

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