and in-person hybrid (Pacific Time Zone)

Yoga and Meditation, 1 hour

All classes by donation

UPDATED Dec 6: Check schedule below as instructor Wendy eases back in. (Visit Healing Journey blog for the back story.)

Thank you for paying what you can. Your generosity supports the health of our community.

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Mindful Yoga

Experience the nourishment and healing of present-moment awareness through basic yoga postures, breathing practices, relaxation and meditation in a supportive environment. Includes simple and effective mindfulness techniques for self-care. All levels of experience welcome. BRING: Yoga mat, firm folded blanket or large towel, strap (or a belt or scarf), and 2 blocks (optional but useful). Click on blue day/time button for Zoom link.

Class Resumes Dec 6!

Meeting ID: 167 603 087
Password: 033041
One tap mobile (audio only)

Class Resumes Dec 7!

VAX or neg test required for all in-person participants. Masks requested. Only come if asymptomatic and haven’t been exposed to illness in prior 2 weeks. 
EQUIPMENT: See list above; a few chairs available if you’re unable to sit on floor. Broadway Rhythm Dance Co. (new owner, same location), 660 Tennent Ave, Pinole.
Meeting ID: 493 214 651
Password: 092419
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Instructor returning soon (TBD)

Meeting ID: 896 297 749
Password: 026026
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All are welcome to join in community-led practice. Connect with others and enjoy!

Meeting ID: 994 075 178
Password: 707659
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All are welcome to join in community-led practice. Connect with others and enjoy!

Meeting ID: 610 609 055
Password: 536181
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Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness practices increase concentration, relaxation, creativity, self-awareness and attunement, inspiring you to respond to each moment with clarity and serenity. Meditating in a group deepens your practice and strengthens our community. Each class includes guided meditations, gentle mindful movement (no special clothes needed), and brief discussions of mindfulness concepts useful in meditation and in daily life. Our intention is to practice kindhearted awareness and create a sense of connection. Beginners and experienced meditators welcome. Click on blue day/time button for Zoom link.

Meeting ID: 126 421 436
Password: 519364
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Rotating Leader Schedule: Charles, Wendy, Ann & John, Alan, and Marybeth

Group Leader Template

Not a class, but a “lightly led” practice group. Donations for these sessions go to MBSR and Your Mindful Voice  Scholarship Funds.
Meeting ID: 197 900 011
Password: 492341
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Meeting ID: 697 160 196
Password: 519364
One tap mobile (audio only)

Tech Tips

  1. Click on the blue day/time button to join Zoom meeting. You will be prompted to download the Zoom app onto your computer, tablet or phone. Once installed you will easily be able to use your device to join the meeting.
  2. Your audio will be muted during class to prevent noise disturbances. Unmute or use Chat window to ask a question. Two-way video is available. 
  3. Please arrive a few minutes early to be sure video and audio are working properly. If your audio isn’t working, use Chat window for support.