Effortless Action

Effortless Action: relaxed, supported, playful — with easy presence.

It was a challenging hike, so my companion put her hand on my back to help me up the steepest part. She used no force, just a gentle, loving touch, and that’s all it took to make it easier. 

Since then, when I’m climbing alone–or facing another challenge–I imagine a strong, loving hand supporting me from behind or somehow all around. I surrender the tension of trying to control and ride the current of support that’s always here. 

When a tree grows it’s not doing the growing; It’s just growing. The same with a flower opening, so gracefully evident in time lapse photography. And with any action–a yoga pose, a deep breath–how does it feel to allow this body to open and these limbs and spinal column to grow? 

What about everyday tasks, like cleaning my glasses? When I invite myself to do it effortlessly, I notice I turn on the water in a relaxed way, I easily add some soap, I’m present, and feel as if someone or something is moving my hands. Easy, playful joy.

In meditation I invite this: “Be present with the sensations and movement of each breath the way you naturally would show up for someone or something you find easy to love; No agenda, no expectations, open-hearted, listening, present. Give yourself these qualities of attention now.” Easy to love. Easy to be.

What happens when you allow a deeper, slower breath to support every movement and action? Reaching, speaking, singing?

And when you notice efforting, what happens when you stop for a moment? How is it to remember the feeling of being supported by a friend’s hand and heart, by spirit, by higher power, nature, community, love, and begin again?

For me, easy grace. 


Healing Journey

Updates about Wendy’s health:

May 25, 2022: Thank you for your supportive thoughts as I prepare for surgery June 2. The ovarian mass is localized, I have excellent doctors, and am hopeful for a successful outcome. While I pause for healing, I hope you will enjoy connecting with each other in loving presence through self-guided Mindful Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation via the usual Weekly Schedule Zoom links. I will post updates when I can. Love to all!

June 3, 2022: Success! Surgery went well, and I was able to come home same-day due to laparoscopic wonders. So grateful to be cleared out and healing in comfort. The mass was malignant, but contained. We’ll find out more details in the coming weeks including any further treatment recommendations. Thank you for all the healing wishes, prayers, and other support, my dear family, friends and beloved mindfulness community! It helps tremendously! 🙏❤️

June 6, al fresco with the steady support of my spouse Karen and my parents Nancy and Steve.

June 13: I’m doing really well, stronger each day and appreciating all the mindfulness tools during this healing time. Your good thoughts and wishes are helping too! How wonderful to know that some of you are meeting at class time for community-supported practice. Breathing in what’s here; breathing out love and gratitude for this precious life.


June 23, 2022: Making great progress, walking strong, holding each moment with reverence and plenty of joy. I will receive a short course of chemotherapy July 11 to Aug 22 Aug 29. I hope to resume teaching [a little at a time] by mid-Sept. This week’s epiphany: I can live a great life while going through this. And I am doing just that–feeling the full spectrum, including continued gratitude for all your well wishes! 

Point Pinole, one step at a time.

June 30, a warmhearted visit with my brother Joel.


July 9: Fun moment! Pre-chemo haircut allows me to donate my locks before losing them. Receiving all the good vibes and sending love and light to all.














July 31, 2022: Tomorrow is my 2nd of 3 chemo treatments. I’ve been doing quite well, thanks to so many supportive beings and practices.  The hair loss has been an adventure, symbolic of this time as a rebirth. Resting, nourishing, reflecting, reading, singing, hiking, laughing, being playful, just being. Relaxing around discomfort of body sensations, emotions and thoughts, shedding old hurts and anything that is not essential. Envisioning (and experiencing) joy, inner radiance, creative spark and loving life all the way through. Sending blessings of gratitude for your continued good energy and healing wishes. 

July 26 with my brother Ken on his sweet brief visit, holding our breath without masks for a moment.


Aug 1, 2022: Change of plans–My white blood cell count is a little low, so we’re delaying my 2nd chemo a week to Aug 8. This is common. Adding some more high-quality meat and more rest. Should be good to go next week. 

Morning walk on the neighborhood trail.

Miraculous August rainbow.







Aug 6, 2022: Good news! My white blood cells are up in the normal range again, so I’m ready for the second chemo on Monday, 8/8. Appreciating every success, every step. 

Aug 19, 2022: Whew! After making it through last week’s tumultuous side effects (the chemo doing its job), I’m enjoying some gentle days and simple pleasures: Luxuriating in a spoonful of peanut butter. Singing a new tune (not at the same time as the peanut butter). Sensing the loving presence that is always here. 

Aug 28, 2022: Tomorrow is the third and final chemo infusion. I’m ready. Feeling the power of your loving wishes; each one a breath of light. 

My partner Karen’s resonator guitar collaborated with the sun to bloom something magical above our hearth of healing cards.

Aug 30, 2022:  The chemotherapy is complete! Healing forward from here. CT scan in a few weeks for the all-clear and a new baseline, plus continued integrative medicine support. And loving life.

In quiet, joyful celebration.

Sept 18, 2022: The side effects of the final round of chemo were challenging, and all the great support is carrying me through. After tomorrow’s CT scan, I’m preparing to resume teaching classes a little at a time. (Schedule coming soon.) Feeling tremendously grateful.

Sept 21, 2022: Dancing with joy and relief!  Monday’s CT scan report says no residual, recurrent or metastatic disease. With a lightness in my step I enter the next phase of close monitoring for five years, easing progressively. And continuing healthy practices and complementary care always. 

Please check the Class Schedule for updates as I get back in the saddle, slow and steady. 

I wish I had just the right words of appreciation for all the incredibly generous support — beautifully written emails, uplifting photos, sweet texts, a glorious mountain of cards, warm voice messages, donations big and small, creative gift cards, abundant fresh food, healthy and artistic desserts, cashmere leggings (really!) and other lovely and sassy adornments, inspiring books, flowers galore, and most of all your true prayers, good thoughts and constant love. I have received every offering with an open, grateful heart. And I’ve discovered that receiving is part of the healing. Thank you.

Nov 30: After particularly poignant and celebratory birthday/Thanksgiving with my family (warm hugs with Mom and Dad’s flourless chocolate cake), I’ll be resuming some yoga classes next week!







4 Ways Self-Care Heals the World

  • Caring for yourself is a gift to those who love you. They know you’re taking responsibility for your well-being (which includes asking for support) so you can meet each other in strength and love, rather than spending energy in worry. 
  • When you’re nourished you have more to give to others, like the healthy fruit tree bearing an abundant crop. 
  • We’re energetic beings, interconnected with all of life, so your healing moments naturally affect all beings. 
  • Rather than being a “selfish” act, caring for yourself models it for others, inspiring them to do the same for themselves.

You are worth the quiet moment. You are worth the deeper breath. You are worth the time it takes to slow down, be still and rest. ~ Morgan Harper Nichols