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Social Justice – Spring/Summer 2024

Photo Credit: Nancy Beckerman
Mindful Conversations for Social Justice
All people are invited to join our next meeting of hearts and minds!
This work is lifelong; every thought, conversation and action makes a difference. Join us as we support each other in our commitment to increasing awareness and taking action for anti-racism, equity, and social justice.
Next Meeting: Fri, June 28, 2024, 1:30-2:45 PM Pacific
REGISTER HERE to get the Zoom Link (same for each meeting). 
Suggested Content for Discussion
  • We’re taking turns sharing personal experiences with race and class in our upbringing and throughout our lives. Consider:
    • When was the first time you resisted, questioned, became aware of, or were confused by racism? By classism?
    • Review the chart “Hidden Rules among Classes
  • Read Epilogue and Ch 1 of book: American Nations (A history of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America), by Colin Woodard

Watch/listen to recent suggestions:


After George Floyd’s murder by a Minneapolis Police officer on May 25, 2020, our mindfulness community came together as a commitment to being a positive force for racial justice. We continue to evolve these monthly open meetings to affect real and lasting change in the fabric of the United States and the world.

Each session is inspiring as we listen, learn, share and stir up ideas and actions, supporting each other in a safe space.