Breathing Space Workshop

Thurs, Dec 9, 5:15- 6:30 PM Pacific Time (Online on Zoom)

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Come to this experiential session to breathe more ease and presence into your body and your life, just as they are. 

Practice simple breath awareness techniques to restore balance and feel more centered, enlivened and relaxed. 

Mindfulness is our capacity to bring kindhearted attention to whatever's happening in the present moment. The familiar phrase, "take a deep breath" can be a reminder to stop and view the immediate experience from a kinder, wiser space. 

We will:
• Explore the connection between the breath and releasing tension
• Practice breathing exercises that calm and balance the nervous system
• Experience gentle, mindful movements designed to allow more space to breathe
• Focus on the natural breath to improve concentration and nurture relaxation
• Discuss simple self-care tools that can easily be practiced throughout the day

Be prepared to sit, stand and move gently as we practice being present together. No special clothes needed – just dress comfortably. By donation, pay what you can.

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Your Mindful Voice

Feb 17-19, 2023 Mill Valley, CA 

A weekend retreat exploring breath, body and vocal expression.


Whether singing or speaking—or in the silence between—the essence of Your Mindful Voice is practicing openhearted presence in the company of others.
  • Discover the body as your unique instrument of creative expression
  • Release tension and resistance with simple techniques
  • Experience how conscious presence supports vocal ease, power and tone

It's a simple and powerful idea: The act of singing or speaking can bring greater presence, just like mindfulness meditation. Both require focused effort and non-judging awareness of the body, the breath and the task at hand.

Through guided meditations and inquiries, group singing, individual coaching and creative exchange, participants explore the links between mindfulness and vocal expression. All professional and amateur singers/speakers are welcome and no previous mindfulness or yoga experience is necessary.

Your Mindful Voice retreats and workshops are co-led by Mindfulness and Yoga Instructor Wendy Beckerman and Vocal Coach Louise Taylor, also longtime musicians and collaborators.

Your Mindful Voice Destination Retreats Coming Soon!

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