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Racial Justice Discussion – Dec 11

All people are invited to join our next meeting of hearts and minds!
At the start of our November meeting we experienced a guided meditative reflection inspired by Rhonda McGee. “What brings you to this work? Why are you part of this conversation?” Being in touch with our deepest intentions hellps focus our actions. “Envision all the people in your communities, reflecting on awareness of race.” This stirs up the ways we are complicit and allows us to appreciate and continue our evolution, becoming more comfortable with uncomfortable discussions. 
December 11, 2021
Suggested Content:

Planning Ahead for 2022: In the spirit of alternating between faster reads and deeper dives:

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Powerful resources from our last meeting:


  • Just saw the movie: The Best of Enemies. [Stick with it at the beginning if white fragility if stirred.] Powerful.



Liz and Leona: Colin in Black and White: Short series depicting white privilege.

Kathleen: (podcast) The Queer Spirit: Yoga, Dharma and Social Justice with Jacoby Ballard 

Please let me know if you have a resource to share with the group!

Come join us! In each meeting you can:
  • Be a listening presence.
  • Share any anti-racism work you’re doing in the community to inspire or invite us.
  • Discuss any content listed above.
  • Express your personal experiences and evolving awareness related to racism.
  • Share names of black-owned businesses, insights, or just respond in the moment.

After George Floyd’s murder by a Minneapolis Police officer on May 25, 2020, our mindfulness community came together as a commitment to being a positive force for racial justice. We continue to evolve these monthly open meetings to affect real and lasting change in the fabric of the United States and the world.

Each session is inspiring as we listen, learn, share and stir up ideas and actions, supporting each other in a safe space.

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