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Poems of Presence – Jan 2022

How stunningly beautiful to begin a new year slowly, listening, just being. These writings poetically support each week’s class theme. 


The Cure for it All (Julia Fehrenbacher)

Go gently today, don’t hurry
or think about the next thing. Walk
with the quiet trees, can you believe
how brave they are—how kind? Model your life
after theirs. Blow kisses
at yourself in the mirror
especially when
you think you’ve messed up. (entire poem here)


Questions to Consider when Waking (Bernadette Miller)

What would you do if you really knew
that life was wanting to sing through you?

What would you say if your words could convey
prayers that the world was waiting to pray?

What would you be if your being could free
some piece of the world’s un-whispered beauty? (entire poem here)



The Marriage of Gold and Silver (Flur-Raven)

Do not refuse me because I’m dark and shadowed

Love me through all your doubts

Remember: there is light in every darkness

Remind me: without dark, there is no light