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Effortless Action

Effortless Action: relaxed, supported, playful — with easy presence.

It was a challenging hike, so my companion put her hand on my back to help me up the steepest part. She used no force, just a gentle, loving touch, and that’s all it took to make it easier. 

Since then, when I’m climbing alone–or facing another challenge–I imagine a strong, loving hand supporting me from behind or somehow all around. I surrender the tension of trying to control and ride the current of support that’s always here. 

When a tree grows it’s not doing the growing; It’s just growing. The same with a flower opening, so gracefully evident in time lapse photography. And with any action–a yoga pose, a deep breath–how does it feel to allow this body to open and these limbs and spinal column to grow? 

What about everyday tasks, like cleaning my glasses? When I invite myself to do it effortlessly, I notice I turn on the water in a relaxed way, I easily add some soap, I’m present, and feel as if someone or something is moving my hands. Easy, playful joy.

In meditation I invite this: “Be present with the sensations and movement of each breath the way you naturally would show up for someone or something you find easy to love; No agenda, no expectations, open-hearted, listening, present. Give yourself these qualities of attention now.” Easy to love. Easy to be.

What happens when you allow a deeper, slower breath to support every movement and action? Reaching, speaking, singing?

And when you notice efforting, what happens when you stop for a moment? How is it to remember the feeling of being supported by a friend’s hand and heart, by spirit, by higher power, nature, community, love, and begin again?

For me, easy grace.