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Racial Justice Discussion – June 12

Vulnerable: Being willing to walk around with an open wound. –Yaba Blay

After George Floyd’s murder by a Minneapolis Police officer on May 25, 2020, our mindfulness community came together as a commitment to being a positive force for racial justice. We continue to evolve these monthly open meetings to affect real and lasting change in the fabric of the United States and the world.

Our May discussion group was small yet powerful. Thank you to all who have been suggesting books, podcasts, and community actions. 

Our next session is Saturday, June 12, 12-1:15 PM PDT. In this meeting for all people you can:

  • Be a listening presence.
  • Let us know about anti-racism work you’re doing in the community to inspire and/or invite us.
  • Discuss Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen’s 42-minute podcast episode on race
  • Discuss Robin DeAngelo’s 10-minute clip on White Fragility. 
  • Express your personal experiences and evolving awareness related to racism and racial justice.
  • Share names of black-owned businesses, insights, or just respond in the moment.

Planning Ahead: Inspired by Yaba Blay’s phenomenal interview we discussed last month, on July 10 we’ll discuss her book One Drop.

Each session is inspiring as we listen, learn, share and stir up ideas and actions. It’s a meeting of minds and hearts, supporting each other in a safe space.

Register here for this free event.


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