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Racial Justice Discussion – Jan 30

Please join our next session in this ongoing series of open discussions Saturday, January 30, 12-1:15 PM.

Accept – Educate – Self-Inquire – Act

This meeting is for all people committed to being a positive force for racial justice. You can:

  • Just come to listen
  • Share your responses to the book “Caste” (Isabel Wilkerson)
  • Participate in a guided meditation/visualization for all people, toward healing racism-related trauma in the body/mind (inspired by Resmaa Menakem’s book “My Grandmother’s Hands”)
  • Share other anti-racism work, names of black-owned businesses, insights, or just respond in the moment.

Each session is inspiring as we listen, share and stir up ideas and actions. It’s a meeting of minds and hearts, supporting each other in a safe space.

Register here for this free event.


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