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Poems of Presence: April 2020

Each week in class I share a relevant poem or quote to support our practice theme. As shelter-in-place continues, we practice riding the waves of difficult and beautiful moments.

i thank You God for most this amazing day (ee cummings) Feeling so grateful for the nourishment of nature in presence; nature is both healing and the healer.

Being a Person (William Stafford) With walks and hikes and garden meanderings a life-affirming part of these slower, quieter days, many are feeling more connected–or reconnected–with nature.

Something About the Wind (Sidney Hall, Jr.) It occurred to me that sadness and grief come in waves, like everything. I began to notice all the waves and stopped trying to make sense of them but just to ride them–thoughts, body sensations, sounds, circumstances, energy. This poem brought a smile as the breath is always here as the ocean.


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